WXM Manifold Insulating Spacer - "The Ultimate Barrier"

Weapon X Motorsports

$ 449.00$ 399.00

The ATS V's LF4 engine will take on some heat and cylinder pressure with 18psi from the factory with the twin MHI turbos.  There are three types of heat transfers that can occur, this spacer puts a barrier between the cast aluminum lower manifold and the cylinder heads which are picking up heat from the block and the combustion process happening inside the cylinders with the direct injection engine.  By blocking this heat transfer, the lower manifold stays cooler and does not transfer the heat to the upper manifold and intercoolers tasked with cooling the compressed air charge from the twin turbos allowing for more power and more timing.  

Our CAD modeled insulating spacer not only makes a little longer runner length for better low end torque, but also the spacer is cut from a high heat resistant material with better resistance than other materials including peek, nylon, and carbon.  

As you can see the precision cut and modeled plate is a one piece direct fit replacement that has the o-ring grooves for the gaskets and the genuine GM OEM gaskets are included.  

For additional cooling, stay tuned for other WXM upgrades!  

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