M&H Tires 185/50r18 for Coupe or Sedan

M&H Tires

$ 404.00$ 399.00

You ready to get that ATS V 60 footing harder?  It's time to drop some weight - I've been 1.57 so far on these!  You can do a set of 18x5 skinnies up front with Weld Racing.  You'll lose over 30lbs of rotating mass with the 18" Weld fronts with M&H tires.  WEAPON-X has followed up our work with Weld on figuring out the 09-15 CTS V setups, by outfitting the ATS V within a week of the car's release.   The Weld RTS 18" rim fits without modification on your 2016+ ATS V and this M&H drag radial fits well on that rim.  Wheels sold separately.

Radial Tire DOT Certified, Tubeless

  • Tread Width: 5.0"
  • Section Width: 6.5"
  • Diameter: 26.0"
  • Circumference: 81.7"
  • Rim Size: 5.0"
MandHtires.com / Hashim's Inc. has taken great pride in distributing the highest quality drag racing tires since the early 1950's. MandHTires.com / Hashim's Inc. is your direct source for the greatest drag racing tires in the world!  MandHtires.com / Hashim's Inc. has always believed in the 3 S's:

SERVICE -- We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service in the drag racing industry.
SIZING -- Each pair of tires is professionally sized.
SATISFACTION - We strive to provide customer satisfaction on each and every order.

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