Dual Cone Air Filters

Weapon X Motorsports

$ 211.40$ 149.00

The ATS V's MHI twin turbos move some air, so much so that the barometric pressure sensor will actually drop over a point showing the severe intake restrictions!  After some further research, the OEM intake filters are made by Mahle, so I reached out to a client there.   The OEM intake filters are 5.25" and oval in shape and have a rated CFM of approximately 169 g/s of air or 297.4 CFM.  

The WEAPON-X proprietary replacement filters are a high flow dual cone filter, not only allowing the filter to pull more air around the edges as well as straight from the end of the filter, where the air box inlet is located.  This results in an air flow rating of 1250 CFM each!  

The price is per pair.  We also recommend the air box modifications to get more air to the filters as well.  More info is found here:


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