BOOST Exhaust - Downpipes and Mid Pipe

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The Cadillac ATS V is equipped with an active exhaust, shared with the C7 Corvette; however, even in Sport or Track mode it is too quiet for most!  Plus the exhaust is not optimal for flow as it is very restrictive heading into the catalytic converters, actually necking down to barely over 2"!  The less back pressure and more freely the turbos spin, the better they boost.  We offer catted and catless options here with a full 3" exhaust from the turbo manifold flange back to the rear muffler section.  You also save 25lbs by getting rid of the heavy catted section.  The X pipe is revised for optimal turbo flow and this plus our high quality downpipes solve the resonance issue that some have experienced by just trying to swap the downpipes only.  

 These are now in production and will be released in December 2016!


  • Gains up to 100hp with a tune
  • 02 sensor bungs for stock configuration
  • Wideband bungs
  • Noise cancelling technology
  • 25lb weight savings
  • Factory muffler connect (race version coming soon!)
  • American made!  


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