15" Drag Kit by WEAPON-X

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Are you ready to hit the drag strip with our WEAPON-X 15" Kit?!  Yea, sure we've nearly cut 1.4Xs on the 17s, but as the HP increases, the need for 15s becomes more prominent!    Don't worry, if you daily your car, these brakes are fully streetable but the suspension works with the OEM brake setup too, so a simple caliper and rotor swap can get you back on a road course for the weekend should you choose!  

WEAPON-X Kit includes:
Suspension arms
15" Weld RTS 71 or 77 wheels, optional beadlocks
MT275 Drag Radials

Option 1:  Above with S71s
Option 2:  Above with S77s
Option 3:  Above with S71 with Beadlocks
Option 4:  Above with S77 with Beadlocks

Don't forget to add a set of skinnies to your order!

18x5" S71s - https://atsvracing.myshopify.com/products/weld-rts-s71-18x5-for-your-ats-v-coupe-or-sedan

18x5" S77s - https://atsvracing.myshopify.com/products/weld-rts-s77-18x5-for-your-ats-v-coupe-or-sedan

MT 26x6" tires - https://atsvracing.myshopify.com/products/mickey-thompson-tires-26x6r18-for-coupe-or-sedan

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