Hark the herald angels sing, ATS V is the newborn KING!

Since the birth of the V series cars, Cadillac went on a tangent that would forever change the way the world thinks of the American automaker.  That continued with leaps and bounds with the second generation CTS V being crowned king of the class in 2009, with a 556hp supercharged LS engine.  As they say, this is no longer your granddaddy's Caddy and that evolution continues with the 2016 ATS V coupe and sedan!   The twin turbo V6 motor is a first for Cadillac and this car has been groomed behind the scenes by Cadillac Racing to be the base platform for everything Johnny O'Connell and Andy Pilgrim had dreamt of as they drop the gen 2 CTS V platform and climb in this cockpit to enter the world class GT3 market!

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